Who Was The President During World War One ?  

When World War One was going on, the US president was Woodrow Wilson, who wanted the US to stay neutral. Wilson tried everything possible for 2 years to prevent the US from entering the war. Even when the German U-boat sunk the liner, Lusitania, and caused the death of 124 Americans, the US stayed out of the war.

Then, in the year 1916, Wilson was re-elected as the US president by a narrow margin. It is believed that Woodrow Wilson won the re-election because he promised to keep the US out of the war and had succeeded for 2 years. After being re-elected as the president, Wilson tried to mediate between the Allies and the Central Powers to no effect. And, then the Germans returned to submarine warfare that sunk many American merchant ships. This was the last straw for Wilson, who requested the US Congress on 2nd April 1917 to declare war against Germany. On 6th April 1917, the Congress passed a resolution to declare war.

After this, the US started conscription and this allowed the US to increase its army strength to 4 million in 18 months. Out of these, 2 million soldiers were sent to Europe. Wilson claimed that the US entry into the First World War was a war to end the war. He did not want revenge, but was looking for peace.

On 8th January 1918, Woodrow Wilson announced his famous 14 Points for a peace settlement. On 11 November 1918, the war came to an end with surrender of the German forces. At the same time, the Germans put forth their proposal for peace. This occurred during the US Congressional elections and Woodrow Wilson asked the people to support his policies by electing the Democrats. However, the Democrats lost and the Republicans gained control of the Congress. This did not stop Wilson from attending the peace conference held at Paris and he tried to defend his 14 Points program. The peace conference went on for a week and the English, Italians and French were determined to have their way. The peace agreement did have many of the points suggested by Woodrow Wilson and he was also instrumental in getting the nations to agree to form the League of Nations.

On return to the US, Wilson tried to get the US Congress to approve the US joining the League of Nations. However, the Congress did not support it. Wilson then toured the country to get support from the people. This exhausted him and in late September 1919, Wilson suffered a stroke that paralyzed him. It was just strong will that kept him going. Wilson continued to fulfill his duties as the president of the US, but his illness did not allow him to take part in the 1920 presidential elections which was won by the Democrat James M Cox.

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Who Was The President During World War One




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