What Weapons Were Used In The Battle Of Verdun ?  

The First World War was different from any other war that was fought as technology had made advances and this influenced the weapons that were used during the war, including in the Battle of Verdun. Some of the weapons that were used in the Battle of Verdun are highlighted below.

The Battle of Verdun was principally an artillery battle. Both sides made use of heavy artillery to destroy trenches in the front lines and cause as much damage as possible to allow their troops to move forward. In addition, machine guns were also used. While these guns were heavy and difficult to mobilize, they had the ability to find 400 to 600 rounds per minute. This made the machine guns highly effective during the Battle of Verdun against advancing troops.

Grenades were also used during the battle. However, in order for them to be effective, it was necessary that the grenades were thrown by tall soldiers to clear the trenches and land among the advancing troops.

For the first time, flamethrowers were used. These were used by German troops quite effectively to empty out trenches, and just behind the flamethrowers were the German storm troopers, who used rifles and grenades to get rid of the remaining French soldiers in the trenches.

The German troops also used diphosgene gas, which was referred to as Green Cross gas, to incapacitate the French troops. However, the French were prepared for gas warfare and were equipped with better gasmasks. Hence, the 60,000 gas shells of diphosgene proved to be ineffective in getting rid of the French artillery.

The Battle of Verdun saw around forty million artillery shells being exchanged between the German and French troops, and these caused many craters. Some of the craters created by the artillery shelling are still visible even today.

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What Weapons Were Used In The Battle Of Verdun




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