What Did Stone Age People Eat ?  

The Stone Age era was called so primarily due to the existence of stones, bones and food. This era was presiding some 2 million years ago. The people from this age people were classified into early, middle, late and humans. The prehistoric era has seen all these stages and describes each of them in detail.

Humans in this era consumed food that was always raw. If the food was not raw then it was surely fruits or seeds. They were also known as hunters as their basic job was to hunt for animals and ea them. Their diet involved meat and organs like the liver, brain and kidneys. All these were high in proteins and were considered highly nutritious. The people from this era hardly consumed milk or grains as farming was still not discovered. Now the humans were tall in size with bigger brains and hence needed lot of energy. It is realized that they could easily consume a substantial quantity of food which included fishes, meat and plants.

The men from this era consumed the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients. Fat intake was comparatively lesser than others. Once agriculture was incorporated due to farming activities man began to consume cereals and legumes too. Most mammals, including Homo habis, and others vanished away completely from the larger quantities. Their extinction gave rise to better technology and innovation. The changing phase then saw modern man starting off with activities that needed extra attention like infrastructure, technology and agriculture. Hunting was rarely considered and more focus was on behavior, religion and society. The whole period of Stone Age is still something that everyone needs to know of.

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What Did Stone Age People Eat ?




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