Neolithic Symbols  

The Neolithic era saw most innovations some great revolutions which are still practised by the modern human era. Now most of you might be concerned about their origin and their ancient signs and symbols. Most of the early signs of the Neolithic era were observed in pots that they made out of clays. These pots were kind of artifacts as it consisted of paintings, animal bones and shells. They were observed in certain places in China.

These symbols were quite pictoral and used lot of color and had some writings on it too. Now most often researchers have still not figured out the meaning of these writings and a major argument on the same still exists. The most common work of the Neolithic era were seen in few sites like Dadiwan, Jiahu, Damaidi and Banpo regions of China. Coming to the Dadiwan site, where symbols were noticed and observed inside the pots. You can have a detailed study on this matter if you are a student researcher or archeologist. The recent discovery has been of the Neolithic symbols found in certain sites and are presently being studied.

Secondly, coming to Jiahu area, certain symbols were noticed near the Yellow River. They were basically turtle pastrons that had some kind of spots and markings also known as Jiahu symbols. These symbols also looked quite familiar to the Chinese era. Thirdly, if you look at Damadi site, where most symbols that were discovered were visual images of animals, gods, galaxies and hunting. Major scholars believed that these pictures were close to something like the Oracle bone symbols. Lastly, Banpo site had symbols which looked like Chinese characters simply dating back to the early 5th millennium. The writing was quite primitive and hence constant comparisons with the oracle scripts were noticed. The major problem arose as there was no phonetic usage proof leading to more confusions.

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Neolithic Symbols




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