Difference Between Paleolithic And Neolithic Ages  

Both Paleolithic and Neolithic ages were a representation of the old Stone Age Period. Both these are equally important for any prehistoric era. Most of what we do today resembles and goes back to the age old period. Most terms and aspects that were considered during this era belonged definitely to the pre-historic era.

Coming back to Neolithic and Paleolithic era, the latter was also called the Stone Age period. The Neolithic era began from 4000-2200 BC and the major activity that was carried out during this era was farming. The men were known as Mesolithic and carried out hunting, farming and stone carvers. They had made tools out of stone and were known to make the burial stones. They preferred staying in settlements and sharing food was quite important for them. The tools and weapons of this era were sharp and enhanced.

The initial difference between the Neolithic and Paleolithic would be the way of living. The Paleolithic age was characterized by hunting basically. Their weapons too were made of wood and bones. The Neolithic were experts in building houses with mud and stone. Whereas, the Paleolithic preferred staying in caves and on tree-tops. The Neolithic were artists and crafted baskets out of grass, and weeds. The Neolithic were polished and advanced than the Paleolithic. The tools were majorly made in stones and were used for attacking animals. The Paleolithic made tools out of wood and bones. Both their lifestyles were completely different, life span were quite adequate too. The prehistoric era saw a culmination of many such humanities coming together and creating and inventing something new. The difference can be further understood after doing an in-depth research on both the era.

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Difference Between Paleolithic And Neolithic Ages




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