When Was The Paleolithic Era ?  

The Paleolithic era is also referred to as the Old Stone Age period. The tools used during this period were the ones that have resemblance to the present scenario. Naturally, development was low and basic activities were evolution, expansion and migration. This era can be somewhere 250,000 years back.

Now it is said that nearly one million of Paleolithic men suddenly vanished from sight. This era saw population exceeding at a very slow pace. Due to this most achievements took their own time. Stone tools were discovered and people began to explore and migrate.

Families started building up and hunting was no longer a group work. People began to handle things individually. This era can sometimes also be regarded as the tool era since most tools were discovered at this stage. Tools such as scrapers, choppers, bows, cleavers and awls had a great demand and were extensively used. You might be aware that this era was fondly known as the Oldowan tool era. This industry was just the beginning of manufacturing tools and weapons which later on become immensely famous.

The tools that were made had sharp and distinctive features. This era was followed by the Acheulean era which focuses its attention to colonization. These people left and explored places in Africa which were their prime concern. Out of these many inhabited some part in their journey. The Homo erectus believed in colonization and moved on from Africa to China. This took place some 1.4 million years ago. According to research, they were the first to explore Europe and other parts of Africa. Several hundred years later, they evolved into modern humans. Now humans have taken control over every corner of the planet and continuing with developments and achievements.

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When Was The Paleolithic Era ?




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