How Do Computers Operate ?  

Computers have always amazed us at its wonders since the moment in time they came into use and have always aroused many curiosities on its working principals. The beautiful looking tower cases and the monitors are made of many small electronic components connected within that make it work so wonderfully!

The very basic components of any computer are its mother board and the CPU (Central Processing Unit), which does the chunk of the intelligent work done by computers.

The motherboard so called since every part in a computer is attached to it and they co-ordinate within themselves from here. The processor basically processes every command within the computer, which is fed to it and executes it. As soon as you turn a computer on, the processor turns on the systems and processes required for you to work on it. The keyboard and the mouse which are the primary input systems to feed data and make changes in your work are connected electrically to the main computer through the mother board, which in turn is connected to every essential component inside like the memory hard drives, where every piece of data is stored and the graphics or video card that displays video and a sound card that outputs sound through the connected speakers.

The applications that you work on or the games that you play are engineered by programmers using a code language which the computer’s CPU processes while running that particular application. The Random Access Memory (RAM) in the main computer is given all the codes and information from the computer’s CPU in running an application and it holds up that data to give the Processing Unit to let it output or save the data at the desired or the relevant place like within the hard drives or the video or the sound card.

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How Do Computers Operate




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