How Do I Change My Home Page On My Computer ?  

The homepage of the internet browser reflects your style and can be good for you to set to your often-visited favorite site for browsing the internet so that you instantly start surfing over the site that you prefer rather than navigating from a default homepage on a cranky day! Not much of a pain is caused by both, the Internet Explorer as well as in the Mozilla Firefox; they can save you many hits and clicks on that mouse and keyboard.

For Internet Explorer users:
After starting up the internet explorer, navigate to the tools option in the menu bar and click it to select “Internet Options” and in the “General” tab the first box you find would be for the homepage setting. Type in your desired website name and apply the settings by hitting the OK button, or if you would want to save the efforts of typing in there or would want to set a website you are browsing currently as the homepage, you can go the general tab as mentioned before and just hit on the box that reads “Use Current” which would automatically set that as your homepage.

For the Mozilla Firefox users:

Click the “Tools” option from the menu bar and select “Options” and hit the tab that reads “Main” which would take open up the window from where you can look up for the homepage option and replacing the website’s name with your desired one. Here again, you get to set the currently opened website as the homepage by just clicking the tab that allows you to set the current website as your default homepage.

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How Do I Change My Home Page On My Computer




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How Do I Change My Home Page On My Computer ? )
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