Importance Of Computer Ethics And Software Piracy  

Ethics are defined as the set of principals formed from the perspective of moral rights and wrongs within a particular environment. When you club ethics with software and computers in general, the first thing that one should empathize with is the constant and the ever growing efforts of software developers and their manufacturers to protect their software from piracy that simply puts all their efforts and money in vain!

Ethics in Software industry, in general, should favor encouraging and not discouraging the beneficial Information Technology sector.

Copying software illegally and distributing or selling it anywhere or any price not only is against the ethics of software but, also a grave crime since it invokes the law of copyright and illegal trade. The software piracy has touched the 43% mark globally, as stated by the 7th study of Global Software Piracy. The theft of software globally was valued at over US$ 51 billion last year, in 2009.

Piracy denies the fair payment back to their developers, which in long run can shut doors and hamper the amazing world of the blooming information technology that not only amazes us but also make our lives easy. It can render a whole industry jobless. Rate of software piracy in the US is the least at 20 percent, closer are Luxembourg and Japan standing at around 21 percent, while it continues to flourish in countries like Bangladesh, Georgia, Moldova and Zimbabwe with the figure over 90 percent from the joint research conducted by the IDC and Business Software Alliance. We can only hope that the statistics of piracy in the US inspires other countries and their population to inculcate the ethics against piracy and thus, show their valuable concern for the software industry so that they can deliver us more amazing products in the computer technology.

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Importance Of Computer Ethics And Software Piracy




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Importance Of Computer Ethics And Software Piracy )
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