What Is A Computer Hoax ?  

Computer virus hoax or simply computer hoax refer to a fake mail sent with the threats of a virus that is very often nonexistent or with the lure of prosperity or the warning of a dire consequences of fate just so that the internet users form a continuous chain forwarding mails out of lure or fear.

Hoax messages are potentially harmless in nature except for the matter that they sometime create unnecessary commotion among the ones who either have the habit of taking things a little too seriously and the ones who cannot afford to take it lightly since they also tend to bring in credible names like the Microsoft Corp. and even Norton Internet securities.

Some of them actually warn and urge the uninformed user to immediately delete an essential file thereby, crashing his computer down. Sometimes, these mails go overboard in being ridiculously hilarious threatening the reader about the monitor bursting into flames and sometimes mocking at the user about the virus entering the system to sweep their hard disks clean.

Even as hoax messages are harmless and majority of the times not intended for any harm, it still continues to remain a menace to people who might fall to the trap of such mails either due to lack of experience or just due to the impact of words that are only intended to spread a hoax very effectively, it does manage to distract people from their work or other productive activity they might be involved in and also consuming up the bandwidth uselessly for such fruitless activity. Software experts and specialists do recommend that you delete these mails as soon as you get and never even think of forwarding it to friends or family.

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What Is A Computer Hoax




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