What Is A Computer Source Code ?  

Computer source codes or simply source codes are a terminology in the computer science that holds some data or information for the computer to understand and execute them as outputs but these codes are still readable and understood by humans.

For any kind of software, the particular source code may be kept in one or a separate category for files. But this process of keeping it separately is rarely done as it would otherwise involve a number of programming languages.

Source code that is the key component of any program is nothing but a collection of text files that the programmer creates with the help of certain programming languages. But, to get the computer execute the instructions, he has to translate it to the language it understands, which is done by a through another computer program called as the compiler, which converts source codes into an object codes. Any source code may be easily transformed into the machine-friendly language through an interpreter which almost immediately starts executing itself while it is still being written. It happens to be the only format that can be read by humans.

The CD ROMs we buy to install programs ultimately comes in the machine readable format which enables us to simply execute them by our command. Programmers are known for using source codes involved in a single or many projects. This concept of using a source code is called software reusability. However, there are various copyright issues associated with source codes. Basically it means any software accompanying such a code would be expensive and difficult to modify, access and may be restricted to the normal users. The distribution of such kind of software would not be easily available.

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What Is A Computer Source Code




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