Who Invented The Computer Jump Drive ?  

Jump drive, which is nothing but the Lexar’s brand name used for the Universal Serial Bus flash drive, is also popularly known as the USB drive. The advent of creating such wonderful and cute looking devices meant for data storage cannot be credited to a single inventor since many people have worked on the same model structure to create compact, large devices for data storage; that come in handy while dealing with constant flow of data within different computer systems.

Doy Moran is more commonly known as the first man to have developed the first ever thumb drive, back in the year 1998, while using the USB interface, NAND which played a key role in developing into thumb drives. Doy’s employer, M-Systems thus went way ahead of others to produce the first ever thumb drive across Europe selling them as Disgo.

Though not in sync with what we see as USB drives today, M-systems created a patent describing USB drive along with its implementation.

Two years later in the year 2000, Pua Khein Seng, joined hands with four engineers in Taiwan, where he apparently was pursuing his studies in Electrical Control Engineering, ended up shaping up the thumb drive of what looks and works very close to the USB drives as we use today since they developed USB system at SoC, making them faster and more efficient, implementing them with the modern protocols of the USB. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that without having the SoC, a jump drive simply would not have been seen today! .Today Trek is trying to introduce an additional and new jump drive, which was tried by a company widely acclaimed as Netac previously. This company was unsuccessful in it.

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Who Invented The Computer Jump Drive




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