History Of Semiconductors  

In simple words semiconductors are substances or devices which can take the form of silicon or germanium and with the toting up of electronic circuit system, it can be extensively used in communications, technology detection and computers. Semiconductor devices’ first introduction took place in 1833.More...

How Semiconductors Are Made ?

How Semiconductors Are Made

Integrated circuits or semiconductors are usually known as chips or ICs. It involves above hundred steps to make semiconductors. During the process, hundreds of prints of well integrated circuits are made on one wafer. Usually, 8 to 20 designed films are made into and all around the substrate, finally making the whole integrated circuit. In this procedure of making layers, electrically active areas are formed onto and inside the wafer surfaces of integrated circuits.More...


How Do Silicon Semiconductors Work ?

How Do Silicon Semiconductors Work

The introduction of semiconductor devices took place as early as in 1833.The foremost silicon transistor was invented in the year 1954 by Michael Faraday. Silicon is the commonest of all metals often used in chemistry. Silicon expands to a great extent when it becomes frozen. Semiconductors do relate to exhibiting those physical features of alloys and other compounds and can use metals like silicon to find a desired result.More...


What Are Semiconductors Used For ?

What Are Semiconductors Used For

The application of electronic gadgets like computers and mobile phones in daily life has been increasing day by day and so the applications of semiconductors. Today, they are employed in many devices and the standard of these devices is getting better due to these semiconductors. There are compound and elemental semiconductors. Both are used for different purposes due to their particular characteristics.More...







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