What Is The Meaning Of Black Friday ?  

Black Friday is a day for shopping when shoppers spend money and retailers make huge profits. It is the day when shoppers can enjoy heavy discounts on various items. This particular day falls just before Christmas, and is mainly meant for Christmas shopping.

For retailers, Black Friday is a day to earn maximum profits. In fact, the term has got its name from the fact that in the accounts ledgers the black entries reflected profits when computer systems were not used for accounting and everything was done manually.

Generally, Black Friday comes just after Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes, this particular day is also advertised by retailers as Christmas sales or the Thanksgiving sales. In the current market scenario, Black Friday does not only denote profit for the retailers, but serves as a medium to draw innumerable customers into a particular store. For this purpose, retailers begin to handover coupons much before the actual event. Some even post their advertisements and email online specials. Consumers get attracted by the heavy discount and eventually land up in the stores.

The reason for drawing consumers towards the store is to make them purchase other items too which are not that heavily discounted. Consumers visit a store to have a glimpse of discounted items, but then most of them end up buying other items too. Hence, the profit earned by retailers comes mostly from those items that have not been discounted or given a large discount. However, there are many shoppers who come out on a Black Friday to do only window shopping. Some do not want to come out on Black Friday due to overcrowding, chaos and problems in finding parking space. There are few who anxiously wait for the Black Friday to arrive. These people even plan things in advance. They prefer to make list before hand. Such is the popularity of a Black Friday. For most employers, it is an unofficial holiday except for those in the retail business. 

The most sought after items during this particular day are electronic items and toys. The main reason for this is that many retailers commonly give discounts of up to fifty percent on the latest electronic items and toys. The next popular item that consumers often purchase on Black Friday is jewelry. However, discounts on jewelry are not as much as those on electronics and toys.

It is common to see consumers waking up early in the morning before sunrise to queue outside stores so that they can be among the first to enter and purchase all the items they want before they are sold out.

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What Is The Meaning Of Black Friday




When Is Black Friday ?      Black Friday comes on the Friday just after Thanksgiving Day, which falls on the 4th Thursday in November. Generally, it has been seen that Black Friday fall between 23rd November and 29th November each year. In the US, it is considered as the commencement of Christmas shopping season. Although this day is not an official holiday, most people do not go to work and take the day off to do their Christmas shopping. More..




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