Founder Of Black History Month  

The Black History Month is celebrated every year in February. Initially, it was called the Negro History Week and was celebrated for just one week in February until 1926. Carter Godwin Woodson extended the celebrations for the full month of February in the year 1976 to commemorate America’s bicentennial celebration. He is therefore called the founder of Black History Month. If you are wondering why February was chosen specifically, read on.

Carter decided to nominate February over other months because the two famous Americans, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were born in February. He thought it would be a fitting tribute to the Blacks, who toiled tirelessly to contribute their values and ideals to the American culture and society.

Woodson studied African-American history for several years. He also wrote numerous books and published various journals like The Education of the Negro Prior to 1861, The History of the Negro Church, The Negro in Our History and A Century of Negro Migration. He was also the Founder of “Journal of Negro History” and published the first article in 1916. In 2002, the Journal was renamed as “Journal of African-American History” and is published even today.

Woodson believed that the Blacks had contributed tremendously to America’s culture and history but were not given the necessary recognition and admiration they deserved. He therefore decided to celebrate an entire month to honor and acknowledge their contribution in molding America’s society, culture and geography. Till he retired, he worked at Howard University to highlight the contribution of Blacks to the American society.

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Founder Of Black History Month





What-Is-The-Significance-Of-Black-History-Month      Black History Month is celebrated every year in the month of February. The history of its celebrations dates back to 1926 when it was celebrated for a week. In 1976, it was extended for an entire month. Carter Godwin Woodson is the Founder of Negro History Week, which later became Black History Month. More..




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