History Of Easter Egg  

If ask children about Easter, you will immediately get an answer that Easter is related with Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. However, no child will be able to tell you much about the history of the Easter egg if asked. This is primarily because they do not know as no one has taken time to tell them the age old history of the Easter egg.

Ironically, the history of the Easter egg is an old one, long before Christianity cam to Europe. Many ancient cultures viewed the egg as a symbol of fertility and this symbol was given to people at the start of spring after a cold, hard and long winter.

Where Christianity is concerned, there is a link between Easter and Passover, which is Jewish festival. This festival is celebrated to make the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. During the traditional meal in Passover, which is known as Pesach in Hebrew, people ate boiled eggs soaked in salt water.

In Eastern Europe, it was customary to give brightly colored eggs as gifts to friends and relatives. The eggs were painted with a lot of care and bright colors like red, yellow and blue were used to paint the eggs. This custom is followed even today in Slavic countries and former USSR. If you delve still deeper, present-day Iran has been celebrating Nowruz for more than three thousand years. This is also known as the Persian New Year. It is customary to have colored eggs as part of the celebration. Nowruz is celebrated during the spring equinox.

Over a period of time, with Easter falling after winter and start of spring, it became a custom to have Easter eggs. Today, no Easter celebration is possible without Easter eggs, many of which are made from chocolate. Different cultures and practices have had an influence on some of the modern-day Easter practices, and Easter eggs is one of them.

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History Of Easter Egg




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