How Did Easter Eggs Start ?  

In ancient cultures like those of India, Greece, Central America and Polynesia, there was a belief that all life and universe had stemmed out of an egg. Hence, eggs held a status of importance in these cultures, and were considered to be a symbol of life and renewal. In today's world, due to the advancement in science, we know plants, animals and mankind are born from eggs.

Easter eggs are an important part of Easter and no celebration is possible without these beautifully crafted eggs. But, how did Easter eggs start? While there are claims that Easter eggs have a pagan origin, sufficient evidence has not been found to support these claims. It was in the eighteenth century when the pagan link between Easter eggs and a goddess named Ostara, or Eostre in German, was established through Jakob Grimm.

Eggs were also part of the Seder meal consumed during the Passover festival celebrated by the Jews. During this meal, eggs soaked in salt water are consumed. During the medieval period, Lent was a period of abstinence and no meat, poultry or eggs were consumed. Whatever eggs were there in a household were eaten before the onset of the 40-day Lent period. And, the eggs laid during Lent were preserved, so that they would not hatch and could be consumed after the strict Lent period. Often children were given brightly painted eggs after Lent. Eggs were the main dish during Easter and children and adults relished them equally after abstaining from eating them for 40 days. Most probably, this is the reason why today we associate eggs with Easter.

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How Did Easter Eggs Start




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