Why Is Mardi Gras Called Fat Tuesday ?  

Are you wondering why is Mardi Gras called Fat Tuesday? Well, the answer to this is very simple. Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday mean the same. The former is the French equivalent for the latter when translated literally. And, the celebrations of Mardi Gras take place practically all over the world, but the credit for the first ever celebrations goes to the city of Nice in France when it was celebrated there in 1294.

There is a long history behind Mardi Gras and it goes back to the pagans who used to celebrate the onset of spring with hordes of festivities after a long harsh winter. The French druids used to celebrate the Festival of Sun by sacrificing bulls so that the pagan gods would bless people with fertile women and healthy livestock.

Even the ancient Romans celebrated something similar to Mardi Gras when every year celebrations used to take place during the month of February to honor Lupercus, the god of fertility.

When Christianity took roots in Europe, pagan festivities were frowned upon by the Church. Rather than make the people let go of these festivities, the Church decided to incorporate many of them into Catholicism. So, the Church declared that merry making and festivities that people indulged in was okay as it would allow the people to be focused and serious during the 40-day penance period of Lent.

While it is still not clear why Mardi Gras is called Fat Tuesday, one can still enjoy the festivities and merrymaking that take place before the onset of Ash Wednesday and the Lent period.

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Why Is Mardi Gras Called Fat Tuesday




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