History Behind Halloween  

Halloween is a very popular event or a festival in the United States of America. Children especially look forward to this event because they can dress up as scary characters and also collect goodies from homes in the neighborhood. Just like any other festival, even Halloween has a history that comes from age old traditions. Every country in the world has its own concept of Halloween traditions. However, how the whole concept of Halloween emerged is a mystery.

The name Halloween could have originated in ancient Ireland. In Irish language, Halloween means allows eve. It is the day before All Saints Day, which is observed on November 1st. In the old and archaic English language, the word Hallow meant to sanctify. The Roman Catholics, the Episcopal Christians and the Lutherans would observe Hallows day and they used to honor all the saints on that day. Usually, the tradition was to attend a mass at church on that day. The Romans observed a day called the Ferilia when sacrifices were made to honor the dead and they offered prayers for them.

As we all know Halloween is celebrated on 31st October. On that day, children wear scary costumes and run around in the neighborhood saying trick or treat. People oblige the kids by giving them goodies or even giving away unwanted things. The ritual is to give them chocolates and cookies. Also, on the day of Halloween, people carve a pumpkin and then light candles in them.

A popular historian called Nicholas Rogers noted that the origins of Halloween could be from the ancient Roman folklore from the feast of Pomona. She was the goddess of fruits and seeds. Another Celtic festival called the Samhain celebrated the festival of the dead.

The word Halloween came into being in the 16th century, and a Scottish variant to the name was All Hallows Even, which means hallows evening. So, it is the day before celebrating All Saints Day. However, the symbols and artifacts associated with Halloween formed from time to time. The tradition of begging for trick or treats could have started in the Middle Ages, and it has more to do with the Greek Christmas traditions.

The colors that signify Halloween are black and orange. The first time that disguise was recorded during Halloween in America was in the year 1911. However, several people and historians think that since Halloween comes on the day before All Saints Day, the poor would go door to door begging for food and that is how the trick or treat tradition started.

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History Behind Halloween




How Did Halloween Begin ?      Many historians believe that Halloween has its origins in a Celtic holiday, which is known as Samhain. This Celtic holiday was celebrated in Ireland and Scotland. It was celebrated during the harvest time. This has been a tradition for more than thousand years in the region. The end of October or 31st of October was considered as the ideal day for harvesting by the Celts. That was the time when the animals were brought in from the summer pastures. More..




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