Where Did Halloween Come From ?  

Halloween falls on the 31st October, which is one day before All Saints Day. Several traditions are associated with this day, and you may be surprised to note that many of them are centuries old. The origins of Halloween may have to do with the Celtic tradition of celebrating harvest. However, over the centuries several other traditions including Roman and Christian traditions have influenced the concept of Halloween.

Modern day Halloween is completely different from the festival that was celebrated during the ancient times. The word Hallow originated from old English and it means holy or holy men. The word Eve means evening. So, the word Halloween in complete meant that an evening for holy men. On the eve of Halloween, people celebrated the dead and also offered prayers to their patron saints. This is also done on All Saints Day. However, the questions arise when people wonder why we have to light a pumpkin and what do evil spirits have to do with the festival. Since it is a festival that is celebrated to honor the dead, there is no question of evil spirits.

One of the explanations is that ancient Celts had a tradition of celebrating a festival on October 31st of every year. This was the last day of the harvest and after that they welcome the summer months and let the animals graze in the pastures. However, to mark the end of the harvest, the Celts would have a huge celebration where they burnt fruits, flowers, vegetables and animals as offerings to the gods. They lit huge bonfires and several people would participate in the celebrations. Every person had his or her own offering to make. However, there was also an alternative belief that the dead could walk along with the living on the day of the harvest. Some people could also ask the dead questions about their future. But, a person could not differentiate between a good and an evil spirit. So, people wore scary costumes and covered their heads with animal heads to scare the evil spirits away. The concept of costumes could have come from the ancient tradition. Also, the Celts carved turnips and pumpkins during the harvest festival. The concept of lighting them could be more modern. However, when Christianity's influence came into being, the Pope and the Church tried to Christianize the most famous Celt festivals. In order to suppress the druids and their power, the Church advocated this observance. Since the observance was very similar to their own traditions and practices, the ancient Celts easily adopted it.

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Where Did Halloween Come From




Why Do We Celebrate Halloween ?      Halloween is on the last day of October. It is celebrated one day before All Saints Day every year. In the United States, people put carved pumpkins with candles lit inside them on their porches and outside their doors. Some people also decorate their homes with spider webs and scary pictures. Usually, people in the neighborhood leave some candies and treats outside of their door, so that children who come for trick or treat can have them. Haunting and ghost stories are associated with Halloween. However, why and when all this started is uncertain. More..




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