How Do People Celebrate Independence Day ?  

Independence Day is an important national holiday in the US. This day is celebrated with a lot of patriotic fervor and honors those people who have laid down their lives or fought to help keep the US a free country. This is a federal holiday in the country and the day is marked with family picnics, parties and parades.

If is quite common to see decorations in the colors of the US flag in homes. Also, the national flag is hung outside homes. In case there is a 4th July party, then the venue will be decorated with streamers and balloons having the colors of the US, namely red, white and blue. Even towns and cities are decorated in the colors of the US flag.

Several events are held in cities and towns all across the country. There will be parades having patriotic themes and people line the streets to watch these parades while waving the US flag and cheering. At the end of the parade, commemorative speeches are made and then a thirteen-gun salute is give to mark the end of the festivities.

The parades often have marching bands that play patriotic songs and also the national anthem of the country, the Star Spangled Banner. Once the parades come to an end, it is time to go for concerts to listen to bands and orchestras singing and playing patriotic songs.

The day comes to an end in the evening with a huge firework display. Very often the large displays in cities such as New York and Chicago are televised live, so that people not going for the display or not living in those cities can also enjoy the magnificent fireworks.

It is quite common for laypeople to have barbecues in their homes in order to celebrate this day. Food like hamburgers and hot dogs are served usually, though some families may have steaks and ribs. Along with these delicacies, side dishes like corn and macaroni salads are quite common.

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How Do People Celebrate Independence Day




Independence Day Fun Facts      Independence Day is an important national holiday in the US. It is the day when the Declaration of Independence was signed by 13 colonies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Declaration was signed in the year 1776. More..




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