Why Labor Day Is Important ?  

Every single country in the world celebrates some kind of Labor Day. In the United States, Labor Day marks a significant event and is celebrated through out the country with parades, music festivals and other festivities. Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September of every year. It is also the day that signifies the end of summer and the beginning of winter or a new academic year in the schools.

The Labor Day weekend is special because many of them get the three day long break to celebrate and have fun with their friends and families. Soon after Labor Day for many children a new school year starts. So that is one weekend that many of them look forward to. Many people look at this 3-day long weekend as a get together opportunity or holiday time with friends and family. Not everyone knows the real significance of Labor Day and why it is celebrated. Labor Day is very important from the working class of America viewpoint. It is a day that is recognized by the government in respect to the hard work that they put in. the country’s economy is mainly contributed by the working class only.

In order to know why Labor Day should be taken seriously one has to know the history of this day. In the 1880s, there was a lot of depression in the American society as many people were losing their jobs, there were severe pay cut backs and also wages were held back. People were being forced to face the brink of poverty as it became the trend among the business class to fire people and job lay offs became a fad. At that time a couple of people started the labor movement which somewhat formed a kind of labor union. Recognizing the effort to these people more than ten thousand laborers joined a parade organized in New York City on 5th September of 1882. This event became so popular that workers in all states started following the same pattern.

To make it a national day the Union Labor Commission then started and also declared that the first Monday of every September would be celebrated as Labor Day, and ever since, Labor Day has been celebrated in the United States without fail. Several laborers, workers and their families joined the parade and the march. People celebrated that day with music and food festivals. The celebrations start at 9 in the morning and continued all the way into the night.

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Why Labor Day Is Important




Best Places For A Labor Day Celebration      Labor Day is a very big day for United States of America. The different thing about this day is in the United States each state has its own Labor day. However, no matter in which part of the country you are the patriotism with which this ay is celebrated is unbeatable. Every city and state has their own ways like having huge parades, festivals, music, food and events that are wide spread. You can find the entire country cheering in the Labor Day spirit and they are all on the streets. Barely does anyone stay indoors in their house on that day. More..




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