Facts About Thankgiving  

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as a national holiday every November in the United States of America. However, many have forgotten the real tradition behind celebrating this festival. It was mainly celebrated to offer thanks and express the gratitude to Lord Almighty for having bestowed the family with blessings and showering His mercy. The pilgrims in Plymouth offered their first thanksgiving along with the Native Americans for having survived the winter.

Listed below are some interesting facts about this day:

  • The pilgrims in Plymouth offered thanksgiving for three consecutive days!
  • Thirteen colonies celebrated Thanksgiving together in 1777. It took another 50 years for the colonies to celebrate thanksgiving together again.
  • In 2021, America would successfully complete four centuries of Thanksgiving Day celebrations.
  • It was declared a national holiday in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln. He officially declared the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day.
  • If you were a Californian, you would be surprised to know that your state consumes the maximum number of turkeys every year.
  • Did you know that turkeys suffer from heart attacks! They die due to shock and fright just as humans do.
  • Fifty percent of Americans consume turkeys stuffed with fillings, the remaining 50 percent always consume the turkey and the stuffing separately.
  • The person who gets the largest piece when breaking a wishbone is considered lucky.
  • Nearly 40 million green bean casseroles are served on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Frightened turkeys can run up to twenty miles an hour!

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Facts About Thankgiving




History-Of-Thankgiving      The migrants of the English Separatist Church escaped to Holland in order to escape religious harassment. These pilgrims managed to reach America on board the Mayflower. Nearly one third of the pilgrims were separatists, others were non–separatists. They reached Plymouth in 1620. The harsh weather and climatic conditions made their stay inhospitable. Numerous pilgrims died due to severe winter conditions. More..




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