History of School Uniforms  

          Schools uniforms still continue to be the cause for debate in the US. Until recently, it was only the elite private schools of America which had the school uniforms rule. England first introduced school uniforms in the sixteenth century; it was the other way round though, since school uniforms were meant only for those children who attended charity schools.


          About three hundred years later, even students who went to elite public schools in England started wearing uniforms. Soon it became a standard practice, and schools started recognizing this practice as a way of exercising control over all students.

          The discussion on making school uniforms mandatory in US schools started in the 1980s. Supporters for the idea of schools making uniforms mandatory are of the opinion that students will take their time in school in a more serious manner when in uniforms. Their contention is that not only school uniforms will cut across social barriers, but parents too can save on their children’s clothing expenses this way. Those who oppose the idea think that school uniforms will force teachers to waste time unnecessarily on rebellious children who may make alterations to their uniforms.

          When it comes to school uniforms, it is highly unlikely that a unanimous decision can ever be reached. However, the problem is not just about clothes. Academics from the University of Alabama and Notre Dame conducted a study that showed that introduction of school uniforms have no positive effect whatsoever. The study revealed that wearing school uniforms did not result in any improvement in attendance, grades or behavioral patterns.

History of School Uniforms




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