Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing History  

         Hidden Valley Ranch dressing is one of the most popular and sought after ranches for salad dressing in the US. It was started more than 50 years ago by a Nebraska-based entrepreneur. He settled in Santa Barbara of California and that is when he started the company. He was a cowboy and he came up with the recipe, and he never knew that it would become such a big success.


         He went to California to find his high school sweetheart just like many other young men in America. He one day saw a beautiful piece of land that was nestled in the mountains and offered spectacular views of Santa Barbara. This is where the Hidden Valley Ranch came into being for the first time. The family bought the ranch and started it in 1954. They started by offering hiking tours of the valley and then horseback riding. They also offered home cooked meals for the visitors.

         Then they started making special butter milk with several herbs and spices in it. It was intended to be a salad dressing and was prepared b y the owner himself. Soon, it started becoming a huge success and as the word spread about the popularity of the dressing the ranch started a fully functional factory that manufactured it.

         Today, the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing is sold in over thirty countries. It is a part of every restaurants menu in America today, and also is served with every kind of salad that is offered popularly.

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing History




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