History of Twix Candy Bar  

       Twix candy bar is a delicious tasting caramel candy bar available in most of the popular stores. It originated from the UK and then became famous in the US. It was initially named "Raider" candy bar. In the year 1991, the established company Mars Co. revamped this product and released under the name “Twix”. The sales increased dramatically and it became equally popular among children and adults.

       The Twix bar was introduced in the US in the year 1979. The sales strategy was innovative. There were two Twix bars in a pack and consumers cherished with the idea that they were enjoying a bonus.

       The Twix candy bar has always surprised it fans by many simple limited spin-offs in an innovative way. In the year 1990, the caramel flavor was replaced by cream. The following year, the Triple Chocolate Twix bar included chocolate as well as caramel along with cookies with cream.

       In 1994, Twix fans enjoyed 4 bars in a pack named King Size Twix. The Twix ice cream was a new spin off in 1995 and became equally popular as the candy bar. Twix Java was a favorite among coffee lovers. The Twix peanut butter combination caught up among the public when it was released as chocolate cookie.

       The Twix ads are quite memorable for TV freaks. When it was released in UK initially, the jingles featured this snack to be a great combination with tea. The US took a different approach in making the candy bar popular. “Two for me, none for you” was a popular catch phrase among chocolate lovers.

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History of Twix Candy Bar




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