History of Phantom of the Opera  

       Phantom of the Opera is a famous novel published in 1909. It has been written by the French writer Gaston Leroux. He based the surroundings of this novel on his own investigations into certain events that happened at the Paris Opera House during the mid 1880s. The first publication of the novel was in French, and then two years later, it was translated into English.

       When the novel was first published, not much interest was really generated. On publication, the number of copies sold of the book was just minimal. The novel was made into a famous film in 1925.

       The story is based on Christine Daaé, who is a famous violinist. She learns how to play from her father. After his death, she joins in the chorus of the Paris Opera House. There is a guided by the mysterious Phantom, a deformed man named Erik, who loves her, and resides in the catacombs under the Opera House. Eventually he gives her up to her true love, Raoul, and is eventually found to be dead, a day after the couple leave Paris.

       In course of time, people found the storyline to be interesting, and the book started generating interest. Consequently, there were a lot of spin-offs, films, comic strips and stage adaptations of the original story. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage adaptation of the story is the one that most popular. Since the first time that it came out in 1986, it has always witnessed an audience. Today, Phantom of the Opera musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber has a record of being the most popular and the longest running Broadway show.

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