History of McDonalds  

        McDonalds, the world famous fast food chain, saw its beginning in 1940. The owners were two brothers - Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald -- and their very first restaurant was opened in San Bernardino, California.

        They had a very successful drive-in restaurant, which they closed to start their own restaurant. McDonalds stood out from other restaurants because of its Speedee Service System. Their kitchen system was designed to work like an assembly, so that customers could get quick service. This feature attracted the attention of Ray Kroc because one of the thing used was his high-tech multimixers. He recommended that they set up franchises all across the country, which the brothers were skeptical to do, partly due to the financial costs and also due to the additional responsibilities that it would bring out. Kroc was not going to take no for an answer and the bought rights to start a franchise from them.

        The very first McDonalds franchise began in Des Plaines, Illinois, 1955. Thereafter, by the year 1958, the restaurant had thirty-four branches, and this number grew to hundred by the year 1959. In the 1960s, McDonald’s spread out phenomenally. Ray Kroc purchased the restaurants from the McDonald brothers and proceeded to make them the country's top food chain. Finally, in the year 1965, McDonald's got listed on the stock market.

        Skillful marketing soon led to its opening in the 50 States. In 1968, its thousandth restaurant opened, and its growth continued throughout the 70s. It continued to grow in the 80s and 90s in spite of competition from Burger King and Wendy’s. Its international branches brought in as much phenomenal sales as its local ones.


History of McDonalds




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