History of Chat Rooms   

         Chatting is such a common phrase used by many a 'netizen'. It is a quite a normal thing these days to find most of the world connected to the world with the help of computers and the Internet. Communication has become so simple that one can speak or chat with another person across the globe with the help of the chat rooms.

         So, where exactly did the chat rooms originate? Read on to know more about this utility, which is an indispensable part of everyone’s life.

         Two decades ago chat rooms were things completely unheard off. A student called Rob Trubshaw from the England University of Essex was the pioneer in creating a fantasy game that could be played on computers. The game was called MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) where two or more players could play the game as well as communicate with one another.

         America Online invented a chat system in the beginning of the 1990s which made employees communicate with one another. During that same period, AOL supplied a chat system to their customers to be able to speak while using the Instant Messaging System. This was a period when a user could create their personal chat room, and then, somewhere down the line, AOL paved way to introduce a whole number of chat room channels for people to become part of the chat rooms where groups or individuals shared similar interests.

         In 1998, IRC chat was first introduced and it originally resembled a bulletin board and things were pretty basic out then. Internet Relay Chat has since evolved into the most advanced and easiest method of communication that connects users to their own virtual world. While Java Chat was introduced in 1995, the scene of chatting transformed from static to dynamic.

         Today, the world cannot do without the help of chatting and chat rooms, and it has become one of the most sought after methods of instant communication.


History of Chat Rooms




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