History of Cheddar Cheese  

          Cheddar cheese is a popular cheese variety that is named after the English village Cheddar. It has medium level hardness, and its sharpness also varies according to processing method.

          The history of Cheddar cheese goes all the way to the 11th century. The first record of buying nearly ten thousand pounds of the cheese is mentioned in King Henry II’s pipe roll. It is thought that the procedure of making Cheddar cheese came from the Romans, who discovered it in France. They introduced it into Britain, and this process was very traditional till modern processing techniques introduced changes.

          In the earlier times, Cheddar cheese was made only when specific orders were given. Later milk was collected from livestock farmers, and thereafter the cheese was made from this milk for which the farmers were compensated depending on how much milk was purchased from each one.

          It was Joseph Harding who introduced Cheddar cheese to Scotland and America. His son Henry Harding brought it to Australia.

          Joseph Harding pioneered methods that standardized and modernized the entire manufacturing process. He introduced the ‘revolving cutter’ for cutting curd and also made sure that hygienic practices were followed. The notion of temperature control was introduced by him. His contribution to the manufacture process has earned him the name Father of Cheddar Cheese.

          Today, Cheddar cheese all around the world is manufactured from pasteurized milk. The process of making this cheese is completely mechanized. Out of the many manufacturers of Cheddar cheese, it is the West County Farmhouse cheese maker who has gained PDO (protected designation of origin) from the EU.


History of Cheddar Cheese




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