History of the use of Technology in the Classroom  

        The classroom has long evolved from being just a room with a blackboard, some chalk and dusters to a place that has been influenced by technology to make it more entertaining and communicable. The pattern is known as 'work while you play', and it has caught up with all the classrooms from the elementary stage to secondary level, and colleges too.

        In the first part of the 1980s, computer technology made advancements that changed the way a classroom looked and was conducted. In recent years, it has advanced itself to a level of not just a tool for instructions, but it has also become the education method.

        The history of technology in classrooms goes way back to 1981 when IBM introduced the PC, and also a year later Time Magazine made it the 'Man of the Year'. By the time 1983 came, scientists and the government had the basics of the internet to go with the PC. Schools started making use of the technology in the few years that followed to impart to its student’s computer courses that were of basic modules. The Apple II was used in most classrooms and was most famous.

        Classrooms technology expanded in the 1990s when the Internet grew with the World Wide Web introducing features that were user-friendly and graphically vivid. Soon the internet became an encyclopedia of information. It became the sought after medium for imparting information and education to classrooms in all levels. The advancement grew to such an extent that virtual classrooms came into existence where students could partake in online courses and secure degrees too.


History of the use of Technology in the Classroom




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