History of Kentucky Fried Chicken  

         Kentucky Fried Chicken is served to Americans and people in over 80 other countries every day, thanks to Colonel Harland Sanders. The man behind one of the biggest fast food corporations in the entire world, Sanders has been honored with a statue in as far as Kowloon in Hong Kong.

         The story of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Sanders is remarkable. At age 65, Sanders had to shut down his restaurant and retire penniless, with only his social security check for $105 to keep him going. His amazing story of sky-high fame and fortune actually started after that, but let us take a look at his life before Kentucky Fried Chicken.

         Born in September, 1890, Sanders was the eldest child of a coal mine worker in Kentucky. His father died when Sanders was just 6, and he was suddenly faced with the responsibility of looking after his family. Since he was too young to work outside, his mother took up a job and young Sanders had to look after the house and his brothers and sisters. His mother taught him a number of recipes, which included fried chicken. During the next few years, Sanders worked in a farm, as a conductor in a streetcar, a railroad fireman, and also ran a service station. His culinary skills began to get noticed at the service station, as he whipped up delicious lip smacking food people who stopped at the station. As his name in the food business became popular, Sanders opened a restaurant, where his signature dish was fried chicken.

         All went well till 1950s, and then Sanders had to shut shop as his service station had to close to make way for a new highway. Not eager to simply live on social security checks, Sanders persuaded others to put money on his recipe of fried chicken. The rest, as they say, is history.


History of Kentucky Fried Chicken




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