History of the CD Player  

       The first CD player in the world was known as the CDP-101, and it was introduced in the market by electronics giant Sony, in the year 1982. It was Nobuyuki Idei, who was the chairman and CEO of the company, who had come up with the name CDP-101, because in binary numbers 0101 stands for the number 5. It is said that Idei wanted to imply that a CD player was not of the best possible quality, but a medium one.

       Priced at an exorbitant $900, the first CD player was considered a huge advancement in the digital music industry, and eventually replaced the audio tape. The CD, invented by Klass Compaan, had come much earlier in 1969, but the CD player took close to 15 years to get to the lay people.

       In 1983, the portable CD player came as a boon for those who liked to listen to their choice of music while on the go. This was initially called the CD Walkman, but the popular nickname given by users soon became a huge hit and Sony officially adopted it, thus changing the name to Discman. CD players then added to the joy of driving in 1984, when having them installed in vehicles was made possible.

       CD ROMs, which are computer disk drives for computers, were first made in the year 1985. Writable or recordable CDs came later, in 1988. These, with the help of CD recording devices, let users make their own CDs, which they could then play on CD players.
On a not so promising note, CD players are fast losing out on popularity, thanks to new digital innovations like the MP3 player.


History of the CD Player




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