Dow Jones Closing History  

Dow Jones is one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world and it trades independently in world markets. The instability in Dow Jones indexes has caused a lot of furor in the world markets several times in history. The Dow Jones industrial average is also called the Dow 30 and is a very popular term to be used in the world share markets. This particular index has been credited by several other stock exchanges of the world including the Wall Street Journal and NASDAQ.


The founder of Dow Jones is Charles Dow, but presently the owner of the exchange is the CME Group. They are the majority owners of the Dow Jones Indices. The average has been named after DOW and one of his businesses Associates Edward Jones. This particular index shows the thirty largest and most popular companies based in the US that have traded in the stock markets for any particular day.

It is the 2nd oldest stock trading markets in the US. The Dow Jones Industrial average was first coined in 1896, on 26 May, by the owner Charles Dow. At that time the stock exchange only used the initial 12 companies. It released a daily two-page bulletin initially, and the companies it handled were about nine rail roads and two industrial companies. Later, General Electric was one of the first public limited companies to be added to the list. Then several other companies joined, like the American Cotton Oil Company, American Sugar Company, and Laclede Gas Company and so on.

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Dow Jones Closing History




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