History Of Farc  

FARC stands for Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and it is a Marxist and Leninist group when it comes to the values. It is considered as a guerilla group in Colombia which contributing in a major way to the Colombian armed conflict.


FARC is actually a self proclaimed army and they have carried out revolutionary wars against Agrarian and Bolivarian groups. They claim that they represent the poor people who struggle against the wealthier classes in Colombia, and it strongly opposes the monopolization of the natural resources to any multinational corporations. It is a kind of paramilitary force which opposes violence by the government.

In Colombia, the entire twentieth century marked some of the fiercest battles that were full of blood and gore. Several innocent people and even the rich and prominent were murdered or kill mercilessly. Everyone was falling prey to the outfits and the guerillas. There were people who were land hungry, and the poor started depending and supporting the guerillas. They were not willing to help to identify the guerilla outfits because of the help they were getting from these outfits. Even poor people were supplied with arms and ammunition to fight against the government.

In the year 1953, an anti communist military general name Gustavo Rojas Pinilla took over the control of the country after being supported by all parties in Colombia. Once Pinilla took over the reins, he declared amnesty to the armed guerillas and the peasants. This move was welcome not just by the peasants, but also by the various political groups within the country. However, between the period of 1970 and 1982, the FARC grew from being an army of 500 odd people to more than 3,000 people.

Today, the FARC is still a major force to reckon with in Colombia, and it has been staging several high profile kidnappings and also wars against the Colombian government. However, the government of Colombia is constantly holding peace talks with the FARC in order to bring about some semblance of peace in the rural areas.

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History Of Farc




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