Libra Constellation History  

Libra is one of the constellations among the 12 zodiac signs we have. The Latin name Libra means the weighing scales and that is how it is identified in the night sky. It lies between the constellations of Virgo and Scorpio. The high light of Libra is the 4 shining stars that form a quadrangle.


Libra is home to quite a few planetary systems, like Gliese 581, and this is the first Earth like solar system that can be identified. It was discovered only in 2007. Libra is a very big constellation and it also has the stars that form the claws of the scorpion. Watching the constellations of Libra scientists feel that there could be life out of the solar system in all possibility. The Babylonians related to Libra as the constellation of the scales. These scales are considered sacred to the son of Sun God Shamash. Libra constellation is also considered as the patron for truth and justice. The people born under this constellation also exhibit the same qualities.

Libra constellation is also the only constellation that is not based on any living creature. In the Roman mythology, Libra is believed to be holding the scales of Astrea or Virgo Constellation who is the goddess of justice.

Libra stands for justice and epic and also people born under this constellation weight out all possibilities before making a decision. The scales form a very important part of the constellation mythological and also astronomically. Libran constellation can be viewed in the night skies from January to March in the northeast sky.

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Libra Constellation History




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