Constellation Leo History  

Leo is one of the main constellations of the zodiac system among the 12 other signs. The Leo is symbolized by a lion. People born under this constellation display several characteristics of the animal. Leo is the Latin name of the lion. There are hundreds of bright stars in the constellation of Leo, including the North Pole star.


To identify the Leo constellation, you should look in the northern sky in the month of May or July. Leo constellation is between Cancer and Virgo. The Wolf 359, which is one of the closest stars to the Earth, lies in the Leo constellation. The Carbon Star, which is the brightest star in the sky, is also in the Leo constellation. Leo also has many important galaxies in it, including the Messier series.

One of the mythological stories about Leo is that the sun was among the stars in mid summer, and at that time the lions of Egypt left the desert and went to the bask at the Nile. So that was depicted in the night sky and the Egyptians worshipped the lions and the constellation because it coincided with the sun, or Amon ra, who was their primary god.

The constellation of Leo is also found inscribed on the walls of temples in Egypt. The Persians also identified the Leo constellation and called it sher; the Indians identified it and called it simha; and Babylonians referred to it as Urgula, or the great lion. The Romans called it Leo and even the Greeks called it Leo.


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Constellation Leo History




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