History Of Jose P Laurel  

Jose Paciano Laurel Garcia was the president of the Philippines republic and was sponsored by the Japanese. He was born on March 9th of 1891 and died on November 6th, 1959. He was the president of the country during the Second World War. The Second World War lasted for two years, from the year 1943 to the year 1945.

When Laurel was a teenager, he was indicted for murder where he almost killed the suitor for his girlfriend. He finished his law school and segued for his own justification and received an acquittal. Laurel studied in the University of Philippines College of law and then worked in the Supreme Court. He also obtained the masters in law degree from the University of Saint Tomas. He also attended the Yale Law School and obtained the doctorate degree in law.

Laurel started his professional life in public service while he was a student, and thereafter he worked in the Ministry of Forestry as a clerk. In the course of his work in the ministry, he was already being introduced as the successor of Thomas A Street and was to become the future judge of the Supreme Court. Thomas A Street was the main mentor of Laurel. Laurel soon worked his way up as a senator and worked in the senate for 4 years. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in shaping and coining several legal aspects for the country. When he was in the Supreme Court, he brought in several changes to the laws and was instrumental in its coding. Due to his efforts, peace and orderliness were established in the country much in advance.

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History Of Jose P Laurel




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