History Of Malaysia The Country  

Malaysia is a very modern country and one of the main countries of international and medical tourism. However, the history of Malaysia as a country is more then forty thousand years old. In fact, it is believed that the first inhabitants of the island were the Negritos.


It was initially known as Suvarnadvipa, or the island of gold, in the ancient world. It is also sometimes called the Golden Peninsula, and was identified on the Ptolemy maps. They also named it the Golden Khersonese. Several traders and businessmen from India and China went to Malaysia to settle down.

The main religion on this island was Buddhism and Hinduism. The people of Malay started using Sanskrit in the fourth century itself. The Malay Peninsula was ruled by several Indian rulers, including the Srivijaya Empire, and later on it was ruled by Muslims and was called the Malaysian Sultanate.

Malaysia is an archipelago and is identified as a World Heritage site. The first time Malaysia was colonized, it was by Portuguese conquerors. Then it was captured by the Dutch, and finally the British, who established the East India Company there. So, there was more Indian migration into the peninsula because of the East India Company. It was also one of the most common trade routes on sea. Malaysia, Singapore and India formed a triangular trade route, and common relationship because of the East India Company.

However, today, Malaysia has been divided into five main regions and one of them is Muslim oriented and still has people from the original sultanate.

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History Of Malaysia The Country




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