History Of Sir Edmund Hillary  

Sir Edmund Hillary was a very popular mountaineer and an explorer. He was born an 20th of July 1919 and died on 11th January of 2008. He was from New Zealand, and was a very popular philanthropist as well. On 29th May of 1953, when he was only 33 years old, he reached the summit of Mount Everest along with a Sherpa mountaineer, Tenzing Norgay.


He went as a part of a British expedition to Mount Everest. Even today, though people have so much modern equipment, it is considered almost impossible to scale the world’s tallest mountain, which is the Mount Everest. The expedition of Edmund Hillary was led by John Hunt. Hillary was also named one of the hundred most influential people in the world by the Times Magazine.

Hillary was interested in mountaineering when he was in the secondary school He made his first expedition comes true by climbing Mount Olivier. He also served as a navigator in World War II. This was before he climbed Mount Everest. He also traveled to the South Pole as a member of the Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition. He then traveled to the North Pole much after that.

After he climbed the Mount Everest, he spent most of his life helping the upliftment of the Sherpa people who were from Nepal. He also founded the Himalayan Trust, which was mainly for protecting the tribes and the environment in the Himalayas. His wife and daughter were killed in a plane crash in Nepal. He then married his friend’s widow.

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History Of Sir Edmund Hillary




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