History Of Tabasco Mexico  

Tabasco is a flat state in Mexico that has a large amount of indigenous population residing in the rural areas of the state. Many people believe that the place Tabasco got its name because of the type of peppers that are grown there. However, contrary to what people believe in, the name Tabasco has Indian origins. Also, the state is popular for growing several other kinds of crops like maize, corn, coconuts, sugar cane and tropical fruits.


The history of Tabasco dates back to the Olmec civilization and the time of 1500 BC. At that time there were several cultural developments in Tabasco, and it almost reached a peak. The Olmecs were very good at stone carvings and they even used precious stones like jade in their carvings. It was also one of the largest Olmec cities in the civilization.

Between the period of 100 AD and 1000 AD, the Mayans culture became the most dominant one in the region. The Mayan civilization is unique because of the predictions and in the modern day world, they are popular because they predicted that the world would come to an end in 2012. Tabasco has several places built by the Mayans that are existent even today.

Tabasco has had several civilizations that ruled them and therefore it has a rich historical background. The cuisine of Tabasco itself is unique and ancient by nature. In the modern and civilized world, the Spanish explorers were the first people to identify Tabasco, and it was then that they discovered the hot peppers that the indigenous people were growing here.

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History Of Tabasco Mexico




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