History Of Tecumseh  

Tecumseh was a popular Native Indian chief and soldier who as born in March 1768 and died on October 5th of 1813. He is very popular in the Native Indian history for his contributions to the war and helping his nation. He was the leader of the Shawnee Indian community, and this was a fairly big tribal confederacy. People who belonged to the Shawnee Indian group literally worshipped him.

He was the main character of the war fought against America before the American independence and also the War of 1812. He grew up in Ohio at the time when the American Revolutionary War was going on, and also the Northwest Indian War was taking place. Throughout his growing years, he saw wars and was not alien to it. His brother was also a religious leader of the same community, and he always opposed Tecumseh’s decision to go at war. He instead advocated to returning to the lifestyle of their ancestors.

The Native American independence movement led by him led to a lot of unrest among the various tribes and also strife with the European settlers. Several people lost their lives and families were stranded. The Native Americans also were taken as slaves in many British homes. Many of them had to work for the settlers, and while some masters were good, many were bad to them. The Confederacy eventually joined hands with the British in Canada. While Tecumseh was traveling, he fought several wars in Fort Detroit and also in the battle of the Tippecanoe. He died in the Battle of Thames.

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History Of Tecumseh




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