History Of The Hora Dance  

Hora is a type of circular dance performed by the tribes and actually originated in the Balkans. It was found to be performed in several other countries of Africa as well. Hora became the national dance of Israel. The name of the dance suggests that it has Greek origins, and there was a similar dance in Greece called Chorea. However, the word Hora can also be of Slavic origin.


To the world, the Hora is known as the traditional folk dance from Romania, and it gathers everyone in one huge circle in the middle. People, who do not participate, sit around the performers and watch them. Several musical instruments are sued to cerate the music for a Hora dance like the violin, double bass, saxophone, pan flute, trumpet, accordion, and cimbalom.

The Hora is a very popular dance to mark any kind of celebration like birth, and weddings. The common song that is sung for a Hora performance became the national Song for the Romanians. The bigger the circle for a Hora dance performance is, the more majestic and joyful it looks. The Hora dance is a well coordinated dance that consists of simple steps to follow. However, there are some light variations of the dance, like the Hora in Bulgaria is pretty different from the one practiced in Macedonia. It is widely prevalent in these regions and is not specific to just one country alone. The dance and its prevalence could have spread when the settlers started traveling from one part of Europe to the other.

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History Of The Hora Dance




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