History Of The Swing Era  

The term Swing era is referred to the music industry which marked a mania for Jazz music. The Swing era could have begun when Louis Armstrong joined his hand with the Fletcher Henderson’s music band in the year 1924.

Why was it called the swing era? Mainly because the style of Louis Armstrong while playing the trumpet was very different. He also phrased and sang his songs in such a way that it was popularized as the swing. Actually, the Swing era though it began in the 1920s, it only became popular in the 1940s. At that time the music produced by them and also the dance culture was very different. It was also strongly influenced by rock and roll which was not very famous at that point of time. However, in the Swing era, the dance culture was only accompanied by jazz music.

Once the Swing era was popularized through the music, the Swing dance started getting popularized. It came to a point where there was a mass mania of the music and dance. This type of music was also used by the church to sing devotional songs. In the year 1935, when a church choir gave a performance in the Palomar Ballroom with only a few songs, it was received overwhelmingly by the audience. There were repeated performances again and again. However, in the west the swing type of music was received very poorly in the beginning. Swing Jazz soon started dominating the American music industry and was a part in every social and country club.

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History Of The Swing Era




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