Longest Punt In Nfl History  

The day, 21st September 1969 is one to be remembered forever. On this day, Steve O’Neal connected a punt from 98-yard which is still a record at the world and national football leagues. The match was played between New York Jets and Denver Broncos. Steve took the punt from the end line of the jet side. The ball was kicked in such a way that it flew for almost 70 yards, took a few bounces and finally made it inside the marking of one-yard. This punt broke the previous record of 94 yards which was set in 1931.


He was a student of Texas A and M University. Born and brought up in Hearne, Texas, Stephen O’ Neal worked and lived in the Brazos Valley for thirty four years. He managed an admission in to the Texas A and M University with a scholarship in track events. In his first year, the coach of the football team in the university, Gene Stallings heard of the punt that Steve had managed in high school. The rest of his career in the football team is history.

As a senior, in the year 1968, Steve became a secret weapon in the All American team for his abilities. He was taken in to the team of the New York Jets on 21st September, 1969.

Due to an injury, his career in the football league came to an end in the beginning of his sixth year in college. He graduated from the dental college on 1974 and started his own practice after completing one year in residency.

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Longest Punt In Nfl History




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