President Day History  

George Washington is popular all over the world as one of the Founding Fathers of the US. However, he is also the 1st president of the US. When Washington became the president, there were only 13 states that were declared free and independent. He played a very important role in drafting the Declaration of Independence, and getting it signed on July 4th of 1776. It was a very important day for the Americans and also a life turning event for several citizens of the country.

George Washington as originally from Virginia, and he was a plantation owner. He continued to live there even when he was a president of the US, and also died in the same estate. It was located on the banks of the Potomac River.

President Day was celebrated every year after George Washington was named as the president of the US. It marks the beginning of the Great Nation, and it is a very important day for the Americans. On this day, several people meet in Washington, in front of the White House, to commemorate the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. President’s Day is mainly celebrated to commemorate two greatest presidents of the US, namely George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday falls on February 12th and George Washington’s birthday was on February 22nd. In order to make it non controversial, it is celebrated on the third Monday of every February. In either case, it can fall on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday or on George Washington’s birthday or come in between.

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President Day History




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