Which War In History Claimed The Most Lives ?  

There have been many wars in the history of mankind, each having its own scale of damage to life and property. In terms of the number of people who lost their lives, the Second World War is regarded the worst war in global scenario. The theater of war was almost all around the world.

The war between the Allied forces and the Axis powers had many countries involved in the actual war. The later had a pact in which Germany would have control over Europe, Italy over South Africa and Japan over Asia in the event of winning the war. These countries promised assistance to each other in order to maintain authority over the said regions.

Countries like the UK, USSR, China and many others comprised the allied forces. Since there were many nations in the theater of war and it was spread all over the world, the extent of damage caused and the number of lives lost was the highest compared to all other wars. It is estimated that almost 22 to 25 million lives of soldiers were lost. Many civilian lives were also killed and many lives were badly affected by the wars.

One of the major reasons for mass deaths of civilians was the ‘Holocaust’. In the name of purification, Hitler ordered for the killing of Jews , prisoners from Soviet origin, gypsies who were essentially Romani, people of Slavic and Polish descent, homosexuals, and people who were disabled or mentally ill. These deaths add up to 21 million. Japanese also conducted Nanking massacre where lives of almost 10 million civilians from china were taken.

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Which War In History Claimed The Most Lives




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