History Of Tocobaga Indians  

The archeological leftovers of Tocobaga Indians were discovered in St Petersberg, Tampa, Safety Harbor and in the nearby areas. This tribe was known to be a maritime tribe, whose survivability was dependent primarily on fish. In addition, they also used to hunt and trade with the other local tribes.


Tocobaga Indians were considered to be one of those tribes who were civilized to some extent and survived within social structures which were prevalent in Europe and Ancient India during the medieval period.

These Indians from North America migrated into Florida peninsula some 12,000 to 14,000 years ago. They were a wandering hunter tribe who hardly formed any permanent establishment. About 4,000 years ago, the Native American Indian tribes began to form establishments all along the coastal regions, specifically in the southern regions.

Nearly in 550 BC, the Manasota tradition started raising and developing customs and cultures that are remained until the 8th and 9th centuries. What finally happened to this culture nobody has any clues. Some speculate that they were absorbed by the Mississippian tribes, or were finished gradually as they left their establishments. These leftover establishments were taken over by the Tocobaga Indians all around Tampa Bay, and they built build cities and similar settlements withstanding the Spanish colonial period.

This tribe was known to be one of the most peace loving tribes, but there were certain inhibitions like the society used to employ slaves and people were divided into castes. Nobody was allowed to move away from their caste. Slaves were taken by capturing them and making them as prisoners.

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History Of Tocobaga Indians




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