History Of Lutheran Religion  

The Lutheran religion is nearly 460 years old. It derives its name from one of the famous leaders Martin Luther. The latter, famously known as the “Father of the Reformation”, was flabbergasted with the Catholic churches who were manipulating the Christian principles and doctrines. He strongly believed that the preaching of the Roman churches was contradicting the actual Biblical philosophies.

Luther believed that the Roman churches were guiding people away from God and manipulating their true beliefs. He observed numerous inconsistencies in the Catholic teachings. Therefore, Luther used his power and skills to demonstrate the irregularities in the Church’s practices. He wrote passionately about the real Biblical philosophies, exposed the corruptions, and false practices followed by the church authorities. This however did not go down well with the church authorities. He was not interested in dividing the church but received numerous death threats for propagating anti-church ideas.

Numerous followers who were intent in learning Bible and Christianity in the right way started calling themselves Lutheran even though Luther himself vehemently opposed the idea of using his name for religious purposes. Thus one of the oldest Protestant branches was born. Luther wanted to bring about reformations in the functioning of the church so that they would begin to function like the first century churches. Numerous Lutherans started migrating from Germany and Scandinavia to America in the seventeenth century to show their strength and support. Today, there are nearly 70 million Lutherans the world over. In certain European countries like Denmark, Lutheranism is practiced as the State religion.

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History Of Lutheran Religion


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