History Of Taco Salad  

Taco salad is a harmonious blend of two completely different cuisines. It has its origins in the state of Texas. The Mexicans migrated to Texas and brought their rich culture and tradition along. A blend of Anglo, Spanish and Mexican components gave rise to a new recipe. Thus, the taco salad was born in the twentieth century.

A combination of taco from Mexico and salad from America led to the invention of “taco salad”. It is famously called a Tex Mex cuisine. The unique feature of this recipe is the amount of variation you can bring into the dish. It can fit into any type of cuisine, with seasonings and modifications from any part of the world! So, do not be too surprised if you end up tasting taco salads with distinctively different flavors and aromas in two different parts of the world. It is not meant to taste the same.

If you want to prepare one at home, all you need are a few basic raw ingredients. As mentioned earlier, you can add just about anything to satisfy your taste buds. In general, meat, cheese, beans and sour cream are added to taco (without shell). If you want a vegetarian salad, you can add lettuce, tomato, cucumber, salsa, etc. Season it with salt, garlic and cumin. Instead of serving it in conventional cutlery, try serving it in a taco bowl! It is one of the easiest recipes to make. You can add just about anything along with taco and yet call it “taco salad”!

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History Of Taco Salad


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